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MSc Finance and Management  September 26, 2022 – 11:02 am
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The MSc Finance and Management provides a good foundation in finance together with an overview of management functions within an organisation. It is an ideal qualification for anyone wanting to start or progress their career in the finance function of an organisation and then move into general management later. It is relevant to working in small businesses where the ability to control finances is essential, within the finance function of large business organisations, and also in public sector organisations.

The programme offers a choice of the full range of options in both finance and management, so it is possible to tailor this programme to match your career goals.

You can study the programme in an intensive nine-month format, or over 12 months. With both formats you will gain a firm foundation in financial management, investment decisions and research skills in finance, as well as an introduction to the main ideas and functions of international business and marketing. If studying over nine months you will then study corporate finance, strategy, plus four additional options in the second term. With the 12 month format you can study the Investment Analysis Dissertation (45 credits) plus three optional modules or the Management Dissertation (30 credits) with five optional modules.

In addition, intensive computing training covering Datastream, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, BvD Orbis and Zephyr and other financial databases and software systems including STATA and VBA, is incorporated into relevant modules.

Studying a Masters in Finance and Management gives me the flexibility either to work within their finance department or to work in a management position. Either way I am looking forward to sharing what I have learnt at Exeter and taking my career forward.

Tural Mammadov, MSc in Finance and Management.

Study abroad and gain a second Masters qualification

The double degree option enables you to gain a second Masters qualification by studying for a year with one of our prestigious partner universities. For more information on this and other postgraduate study abroad opportunities, visit the Business School’s Study Abroad webpages.

Programme structure

The 9 month variant of this programme is available for study nine months full-time over three terms from September to June and is University-based throughout this time.

During the programme you will study modules totalling 180 credits.

Please note that all options are available timetable permitting and may change.

The modules we outline here provide examples of what you can expect to learn on this degree course based on recent academic teaching. The precise modules available to you in future years may vary depending on staff availability and research interests, new topics of study, timetabling and student demand.

Programme structure (12 month)

The 12 month variant of this programme is available for study twelve months full-time from September to September and is University-based throughout this time.

Learning and teaching

Our postgraduate taught programmes utilise a range of teaching methods including lectures, seminars and tutorials.


The aim of lectures is to give you information on ideas that are central to the module and to help you in developing your understanding of complex ideas. Many of the teaching materials for lectures are made available to you electronically to accompany the notes you take during the lecture. Lectures are given by a range of staff members, including leading professors, who integrate their latest research findings into the teaching that you receive. Guest lecturers, including members of industry, also contribute to some modules.

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