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Specialised Master® in International Business Law and Management  September 6, 2022 – 09:29 am

Gilles Pillet, Director of the Programme, and Floriane Stefanello, Class of 2014, answered questions on the Specialised Master® in International Business Law on Campus Channel. (video in French)

ESCP Europe Specialised Master in International Business Law and Management

1989: ESCP Europe was the first business school to create a Specialised Master® programme specially designed for lawyers and legal advisors.

Aware of the growing needs to improve dialogue between corporate managers and lawyers, and with help from a sponsorship committee of leading corporate lawyers and legal experts, ESCP Europe developed a prestigious programme that combines the fields of law and management.

As the first of its kind, the Specialised Master® in International Business Law and Management has acquired an outstanding reputation based on its unequalled excellence.

2009: ESCP Europe adds an international dimension to the Specialised Master® in International Business Law and Management by holding courses and seminars at the ESCP Europe London Campus in partnership with City Law School at London’s City University.

Students who graduate from the programme receive a certificate from City Law School. Those who choose to can apply to the school's LLM or another degree programme to continue their law studies in the United Kingdom.

Gilles Pillet
Associate Professor, Economics, Law and Social Sciences Department, ESCP Europe
Doctor of Law

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