Best Kebab Joint In Indonesia – Savour your bite

Best Kebab Joint In Indonesia – Savour your bite

I often visit this place for its fantastic kebab and also jual frozen kebab. After trying kebabs everywhere, I would say no one can match the standard and quality java food has set.

No doubt it has got some loyal customers, and there are some who come from far land just to have their kebabs. My personal favourite is kebab panjag sapi. It is totally delicious and yummy.

You guys should definitely give it a try. Loyal customers claim they serve kebab terenak di Jakarta.

Another item worth trying is their pita bread. They have got some options in pita bread. Apart from the original pita bread I tried pita bread black and it was of finest quality. It is very rare to come across such fresh bread with this good quality. Also, they have got this thing call samosa, and they taste so delicious. Staffs are very cordial and very good with their recommendations.

You will find so many tourists here and they have got recommendations from locals, and it seems they absolutely love the food here.

I am glad one of my friends took me here, and it makes me keep visiting here again and again for its kebab sapi and roti pizza. I have had a lot of pizza, but this pizza was something unusual and nice. I am sure just like me and my friends you too would fall in love with it.


All the people out there visit this place for its warm welcome, for its quick service, for its authenticity and above all of the course for all the kind of dishes it offers.

Chat Software Education

Chat Software Education

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