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Flexible Curriculum  August 13, 2015 – 03:37 pm
University Pennsylvania UPenn

At Wharton, you shape the curriculum to work for you.

We give you the opportunity to study arts and sciences, engineering, nursing, communications, education, government administration, law, social policy, and more — all as an undergrad.

Follow Your Interests

Wharton’s curriculum encourages students to shape their own educations. Our four-year bachelor of science in economics program consists of 37 courses in business and the arts and sciences. In fact, over 30% of the classes you need to graduate must be taken outside of Wharton in Penn’s other 11 schools. We encourage you to take full advantage of these options by studying abroad, pursuing a minor, or getting a dual degree in a completely different subject.

Below is a sample curriculum. You can craft your own experience around the fundamental classes.

Sample Curriculum

Freshman Introduction to Economics for Business, math or statistics course, Wharton 101 (gateway course to introduce business pathways), and 1-2 other courses
Sophomore Wharton 201 (Oral and Written Communications), 2-3 Business Fundamentals, 1-2 other courses 2-3 Business Fundamentals, 1-2 other courses
Junior During the third year of study, you will be taking Wharton 301 (Teamwork and Interpersonal Dynamics), completing courses toward your concentration, considering a possible minor and/or studying abroad, and fulfilling any remaining requirements.


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