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Wharton School of Business acceptance rate

University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  October 25, 2020 – 11:09 pm
Applicants who want to get

Adjust the numbers on the left to find out how well an MBA at University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School pays off.

Assuming it takes 2 years and you earn $60, 000 annually before attending, obtaining your MBA means forgoing a salary of $120, 000. Combining this opportunity cost with the total nonresident program cost of $141, 740 (not including food, rent, etc.) gives a total of $261, 740.

The 10-year ROI is 312% and the total 10-year gain is $555, 823. ROI takes the cumulative 10-year salary difference and divides by the total cost (MBA program and lost wages). The gain takes that 10-year salary difference and subtracts the total cost. Post-MBA salary is assumed to be the average for this school ($125, 000) and pre-MBA and post-MBA salaries are assumed to grow at a rate of 5%. Numbers are not inflation-adjusted and do not take into account sign-on bonuses and other compensation or qualitative gains such as networking and skills. Cost does not consider loan interest.


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