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Manchester Business School: Student Feedback  September 11, 2017 – 11:17 am

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Rachel Lu

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Just getting out of NYU and seeing how other universities work. Not that I don't love NYU but it's refreshing to meet other students with different perspectives and motivations, etc.

Who I spent most of my time with abroad:
I ended up spending most of my time with other American, Canadian, and Australian students. Essentially students from predominantly English-speaking countries since we all have never explored much of Europe. It is easy to meet local students in your classes and dorms.

Something about me you might be interested to know:
I play squash.

What I would say to students considering participating in IBEX:
I think this is a great school to get really integrated into a foreign university, if that's what you want. At the same time you can also have that traditional abroad experience and travel and take many Stern courses.

Student Profile

David Li

Highlight of my semester abroad:
The traveling and the people I met - it's eye opening and not many people get the opportunity to travel at a young age so take advantage of it!

Would I recommend participating in IBEX at Manchester?:
Yes! University of Manchester is a very different place from NYU. There are a ton of exchange students, they have a strong exchange program, and the British people are extremely friendly!

If you're going to Manchester on IBEX you must...
Attend a Manchester United game and the Christmas markets if you are there in the fall. I would also go to the Northern Quarter and of course city center. Nightlife in Manchester is great if you are interested in it. You could go out every night if you wanted - and many students will.

Airline ticket to/from IBEX site: $800 - $1, 500 USD
Housing: $2, 800 - $3, 500 USD/semester
Food: $40 USD/week
Books: $0-100 USD/semester
Local Transportation: $100-200 USD/semester
Phone: $20-80 USD/semester
Travel: $300-1, 000 USD/semester

"I mostly used a credit card that did not have international fees. Planning how to get cash when traveling is quite tricky. I would always bring some US Dollars in case you need to exchange and do not want international fees from withdrawing from an ATM."

"Cash, and withdrawing money. I would not have handled things differently."

"I didn't anticipate the expense of a $5 ATM withdrawal fee every transaction."

"School dorming was great, of course it can depend on which dorm like at NYU, but generally all were good and you get a single room in almost all cases. I opted to live in a dorm without a meal plan, so we had a kitchen to cook whatever we needed. You can always choose to live in a dorm with a meal plan if you wanted to, and your kitchen would be much smaller."

"The living accommodation was nice because everyone, no matter where you live, got their own room. Although the buildings were much older, this was not an issue for me. I did not choose a meal plan, and instead picked up cooking so I could eat what I wanted. Those on the meal plan did not find it that satisfying. Walking 2 minutes to the nearest eatery or ordering off Seamless is a New York luxury! Be prepared to make some changes in lifestyle."

"I stayed in a residence hall that was like an apartment. It came with basic dorm furniture, but it was a self-catered hall."


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