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Innovation Leadership & Management  January 19, 2021 – 12:29 am
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Innovation Leadership & Management Programs Offered

HBS Campus

Focused on product and service development, this innovation leadership & management program helps leaders seize opportunity, manage risk, and drive competitive advantage. In addition to learning how to balance strategy and effective execution in product development, you will expand your ability to innovate in a competitive marketplace, take advantage of disruptive technologies and economic conditions, and position your company for continuous growth.

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Develop the diverse skills required to transform a new business opportunity into a successful company in today's business environment. Focusing on the challenges facing entrepreneurs in small-to-midsize companies, this program helps you make sound investment and management decisions, build a strong team, exploit disruptive opportunities, define new business initiatives, and sell your concept to investors, partners, and other parties.

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Guiding you through an initiative specific to your organization, this offering will improve your ability to lead significant change. A collaboration between HBS and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, this hands-on program helps you create a culture of continuous innovation. You will learn how companies successfully transform themselves, uncover opportunities arising from disruption, and pave a path to greater profitability.

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Improve your ability to make smart corporate decisions by achieving the proper balance between analytical and non-analytical capabilities. In this leadership program, executives from diverse companies and industries explore advanced information management tools for optimizing data. You will emerge with a better understanding of the role large-volume data plays in organizational strategy.

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| $15, 000 (program only) or $23, 500 (program plus five licenses to: Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen)

Location HBS Campus

With a focus on driving growth through innovation, this program provides practical tools and frameworks for building business capabilities that can succeed across business cycles and waves of competition. Developed under the guidance of Clayton Christensen, this offering will hone your ability to predict how industries, technologies, and competitive forces will affect your organization.

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