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Cass Business School location

Location and facilities  May 2, 2017 – 04:34 pm
Cass Business School - City

Cass incorporates four campuses: Bunhill Row, Aldersgate Street and Northampton Square in the City of London, and Dubai.

Our key locations give us instant access to businesses, and global companies headquartered within a five-mile radius of our London sites. It also embeds the business environment in the Cass learning experience through channels such as speakers, visiting lecturers, field trips, corporate speakers for events and professionals visiting Cass for networking opportunities.

By skilfully leveraging its location, Cass has become the intellectual hub of the City of London - a dynamic and forward-thinking resource for the world's most dynamic and forward-thinking financial centre.


We believe the student environment and experience should be as good as it can be. Cass students therefore have access to a full suite of on-campus facilities that are modern, high-tech and comfortable - state-of-the-art resources and spaces for study and/or socialising.

They include the Cyril Kleinwort Learning Resource Centre and a dedicated Careers resource.


Occupational Psychology, Management Education and Consultancy: A 50-Year Narrative for Academics Striving to Manage Their Careers in a Competitive Climate
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