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Law  February 28, 2020 – 07:49 pm
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The Curtin Business School (CBS), through industry-connected teaching and research, develops practically focused graduates who are committed to excellence. The Curtin Law School (CLS), which is part of the CBS, will continue this practical and applied focus through its three departments: Law, Business Law and Taxation.

Practise where they practise.

Benefit from extensive industry connections and our new city location with our Bachelor of Laws.

Western Australia’s newest and most innovative Law School (CLS) is situated within the industry focused Curtin Business School (CBS) on the beautiful Bentley campus of Curtin University.

The CLS offers a range of programs including a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) taught by highly qualified and experienced legal academics, a professionally relevant Business Law major taught within the Bachelor of Commerce and a suite of tax programs taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Academic staff within the CLS are committed to high levels of industry relevant research as well as dedicated, professional and stimulating teaching methods.

Industry Connections

A Law School cannot and should not function in isolation from the profession. It is expected that members of the profession will participate in the life of the Curtin Law school as teachers, mentors, and indeed, fellow researchers.

Although focused on business, the heart of the CLS lies firmly within the legal profession. The profession has many experts whose practical professional experience can be enlisted in the pursuit of our cause — that of creating a truly outstanding educational experience for law students.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia the Honourable Wayne Martin AC QC is the Chairperson of the Curtin Law School Advisory Board. The Advisory Board consists of distinguished representatives of the legal profession, industry, secondary schools and the legal academy. It will have an important role in charting the future course of the Law School, in relation to strategic initiatives, relations with the profession, and the development specialities, themes and clinical programs.

The CLS will function in a manner that is entirely compatible with the prevailing ethos of the Curtin Business School. It will draw on deep industry connections forged by the School of Business Law and Taxation. CBS as a whole has close ties with organisations across all industries. These strong industry linkages create real world learning opportunities for our law students.

Curtin Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The Curtin Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is an approved qualification under Rule 8 of the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2009 (WA) and satisfies the academic requirements for admission to legal practice in Western Australia. Graduates will be eligible for membership of the Law Society of Western Australia.


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