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PhD Program with London School Of Commerce UK  September 6, 2022 – 09:29 am
London school of business phd

The London School of Commerce (LSC), in association with Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers Doctorate Courses in London.

These courses are mainly available for students with an existing Master's Degree qualification relevant to the proposed subject of study, however LSC will consider applications from candidates with extensive relevant professional experience or non-master's degree qualifications on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are recommended to contact LSC for more details of the paths we offer to Doctorate Qualifications.

PhDs are awarded for the development of new theory through original research. PhD candidates are required to undertake training in research methods, to attend research seminars and to design and implement research to enable them to generate significant new knowledge in their subject area. The research is presented in a thesis not exceeding 100, 000 words and the student must satisfy the examiners in a viva voce examination. Research project approval, and student progression, are subject to university research regulations.

The PhD programme provides individuals with the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive programme of research study in an approved subject within the business and management disciplines. All proposed research projects require to be:

  1. Discussed with and approved by the Research Degrees Programme Leader and/or nominated members of the academic team responsible for the PhD programme; and
  2. Reviewed and approved by the university Research Degrees Committee.

The School is able to offer supervisory expertise and supports current research projects in the following indicative areas:

Strategy; Finance and Accounting; Human Resource Management; Customer Relationship Management; Operations; Supply Chain Management and Information Systems; Marketing; International Business; Business and Management in Developing Countries; Small Business Management; Banking; Islamic Banking; Consumer Research; E-Business; Public Sector Management; Tourism Management; Information Systems in Business; Internet Security.

Applicants may discuss topics in these and other appropriate business and management areas by contacting the Research Degrees Programme Leader.

Course Schedule

Whilst the Doctorate programme is focused on individual research and learning, students are required to attend a research methods course and participate in the monthly seminar programme. They are also required to meet with their Research Supervisor in a regular pattern of supervisory contact designed to monitor, review, and support their progress through the programme. This takes place with their Director of Studies / Supervisor and normally takes place on a bi-monthly scheduled basis.

Course Assessment

The award of a PhD qualification is based on the satisfactory submission, acceptance and assessment of the final dissertation and satisfactory performance in a viva voce examination.

Degree Award

The course leads to a degree awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University.


3 Years Full-time*

Course Fee

£18, 950


  1. Applicants are normally required to hold a Master's degree with Merit relevant to the proposed research project awarded from a recognised university.
  2. Applicants with a lower award or holding non-graduate qualifications will be considered on an individual case by case basis. Please contact LSC for further details.
  3. For international students, a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5, with at least 6.5 in reading and writing, and 6.0 in all other components (or equivalent recognised English language qualification).

London School of Commerce offers country-specific bursaries from time to time. Please contact LSC to find out whether you are eligible.

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