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PARTICIPANT PROFILE & TESTIMONIALS  October 3, 2017 – 01:16 pm

The Driving Strategic Impact program is designed for executives of all levels who are looking to improve your effectiveness in solving strategy problems and in becoming a trusted advisor for colleagues and clients.

What recent participants are saying about the program:

"I consider myself an experienced business development professional, having done several large scale projects in my tenure with Hewlett Packard (HP). But I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have joined Driving Strategic Impact (Online). The teaching is masterful and the materials covered have a systematic way of approaching problems. It puts a smile on my face everyday to have been inspired by the course material!"
– Chinshu Huang, Principal Consultant, Green Wei International

"This course exceeded my expectations and I look forward to joining others. It is helping me work through laying out our long term plans within the company as well as becoming better partners with our customers."
– Gregory Collins, Senior Account Manager, ABB

"Driving Strategic Impact (Online) offered me easy access to premium content and the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere. It taught me valuable strategies and tools for daily work, and most importantly, working smart not just hard."
– Garth Bradley, Program Manager at CooperVision, Inc.

"Although I’ve had much contact with high-impact consultants, mainly from McKinsey, Driving Strategic Impact (Online) gave me a different view and tools in order to achieve or even surpass many high-impact consultants."
– Marcio Mariano Junior, Director at FORSEE

"This is an excellent course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and benefitted from it. Superb content and very well thought out organization of the course! The effort and energy that has gone into this is very visible, and I really appreciate it."
– Gireendra Kasmalkar, Chief Executive Officer, SQS India Infosystems

"This course has improved the way I approach business challenges. It has taught me to work smarter and not just harder, and to create incredible impact. It is the best anyone can do for themselves as the skills from this course will improve their own effectiveness in their work lives."
– Sandise Sibanda, Group Marketing Services Manager, Sun International

"You will come away with a whole new appreciation for learning remotely – vivid, colorful, insightful and information-packed presentations that have somehow retained a very personal touch despite being delivered online. A must for anyone aspiring to be a consultant or getting better at solving complex problems!"
– Raja R Iyengar, President, Ebiz Labs

"I really enjoyed Prof. Wadhwa’s style and presentation. He made the course very interesting and made it feel as though I was right there. The real-world scenarios he offered really helped the content hit home. The issue trees, the pyramid principle and other such methods that he taught will help me refine my presentations and the way I relate to clients."


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