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Wharton Business School undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Wharton School | Transfer  June 14, 2016 – 08:27 am
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At the Wharton School, the world’s first collegiate business school, the undergraduate program integrates the intellectual enrichment of a liberal arts education with a comprehensive business curriculum. Wharton students take courses in the arts, sciences, and humanities while learning business fundamentals and pursuing a business concentration.


All applicants must meet specific academic requirements by the end of the term in which they are enrolled at the time of transfer application. In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants should have demonstrated leadership skills through involvement in their current college community. Students are strongly encouraged to transfer after their freshman year to enter for their sophomore year. There are very few spaces available for entering juniors. Please note that credit equivalency is determined after a student is admitted. Please do not contact academic departments with transfer equivalency questions. Instead, we encourage you to review the course roster published by the Registrar to determine if Penn offers similar courses.

Applicants who wish to enter after one year of college must have completed:

One semester of calculus (MATH 104), which can be fulfilled by: A score of “5” on the AP Calculus BC exam (no credit is awarded for the AB exam), A score of “7” on the IB Higher Level Mathematics with Further Mathematics exam, One semester of introductory microeconomics, which can be fulfilled by: A score of “5” on the AP Microeconomics exam, A score of “6” or “7” on the IB Higher Level Economics exam, One semester of introductory macroeconomics, which can be fulfilled by: A score of “5” on the AP Macroeconomics exam, A score of “6” or “7” on the IB Higher Level Economics exam,

Or, in lieu of separate introductory courses in micro and macroeconomics:

One semester of a combined introductory micro and macroeconomics course (ECON 010), which can be fulfilled by a course deemed to be equivalent to ECON 010.


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