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Hult International Business School Admissions requirements

 March 1, 2022 – 08:09 am
Hult mba admission Four countries, one global degree Each academic year, you’ll choose either London or San Francisco as your home campus. Over the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture as you earn further credit towards your degree at Hult campuses in Dubai, Shanghai and the Ashridge Estate, U.K..

The Hult Business Challenge The Hult Business Challenge is a Capstone Project undertaken in teams led by a faculty mentor. Your team will be asked to tackle a critical social or business problem and pitch an innovative solution, developed over months of collaboration, to real business leaders. Designed to hone your presentation and problem-solving skills, the Hult Business Challenge is an opportunity few other undergraduates could hope to experience.

High-value internships Hult students often complete an internship as part of their final years of study. You’ll work closely with our Career Services department and a faculty mentor to choose an internship aligned with your career aspirations. This is your opportunity to add real value to an established business or a startup and gain the practical experience needed to stand out as you enter the job market.

Majors and Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration

General Education and leadership development Hult’s approach to General Education has been defined with the aim of developing future business leaders. From early in your degree, you will learn and practice the core skills that your current professors and future employers value so highly teamwork, relationship building, cross-cultural communication, and public speaking.

Majors: Your area of specialization Your Major is a level of concentrated study within your preferred business field, and often aligns closely with your career aspirations. Hult offers five Bachelor of Business Administration Majors: Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Finance.

Business Core – These courses help you to build a solid foundation in each functional area of business administration from finance to management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Your knowledge will be placed in the context of the global environment that today’s businesses must operate in, with a focus on how to solve international issues and challenges.

Electives Along with your Major, you will also enhance your knowledge and pursue your interests through Elective courses. Typically, these will be related to your area of specialization, but you may also choose to study other areas of business or take additional General Education and Leadership Development courses.

Capstone project Typically completed in your final year, your Capstone Project may consist of the Hult Business Challenge, an internship, or a thesis. This project will be relevant to your interests and Major and will represent the culmination of your business studies as an undergraduate.


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