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Marketing Matters is hosted by Wharton Marketing Professor Barbara Kahn, Director of the Baker Retailing Center and Catharine Hays, Executive Director of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program. Each week, hear Barbara or Catharine joined by one of their impressive revolving panel of co-hosts, made up of members of the largest, most cited, and most published marketing faculty in the world. They’ll discuss marketing and advertising trends, consumer behavior, data and analytics, the latest in retail marketing, brand-building and much more. How are executives addressing the key challenges facing the industry? Where do they see the greatest opportunities? In addition, once a month, Marketing Matters teams up with Forbes CMO Network Editor, Jenny Rooney for a “CMO Spotlight.” Together, Jenny and Catharine tap into her extraordinary CMO Network to give you access to what’s on the mind of the world’s most innovative marketers today.

  • Elizabeth Brady

    SVP and CMO
    Principal Financial Group

  • Don Branch

    VP and CMO

  • Connie Weaver

    EVP and CMO

  • Kirk Kristofferson

    Assistant Professor, Marketing, W.P. Carey School of Business
    Arizona State University

  • Brad Grossman

    Founder, CEO

  • Steve Wanczyk

    Account Supervisor
    Braithwaite Communications

  • Peter S Fader

    Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School; Co-Founder, Zodiac
    The Wharton School; Zodiac

  • Richard Strauss

    Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.

  • Akino Chikada

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • Jason Jercinovic

    Global Head of Marketing Innovation, Global Brand Director

  • Ben Clymer

    Founder, Executive Editor

  • Pierre Halimi Lacharlotte

    Brand President, Montres Journe in America (North and South)
    Montres Journe

Barbara Kahn

Professor Barbara Kahn, director of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center at Wharton, is an internationally recognized expert on marketing issues whose research provides managers with a better understanding of the consumer choice process. She co-authored Grocery Revolution: The New Focus on the Consumer, a book that chronicled the dramatically changing supermarket industry and outlined how consumers make choices within the supermarket. In 2013, she published Global Brand Power: Leveraging Branding for Long-Term Growth.


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