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Ivey MBA Tuition & Student Finance  September 14, 2022 – 07:54 am
Ivey MSc

It’s important to consider all of the costs associated with the MBA investment when selecting your business school. In addition to tuition*, it’s important to consider cost of living in the city you choose, as well as other academic expenses you may incur throughout the year. Below is an estimate of costs for the Ivey MBA Program.

Tuition & Academic Expenses

Tuition 2017
Domestic Students $84, 250
International Students* $96, 750
Western Ancillary and Supplemental Fees** (approximate) $1, 500
International Students – UHIP** (Health Insurance) $750
Casebooks and Supplies (approximate) $2, 600

* Some international students at the University of Western Ontario are eligible to pay Canadian citizen tuition fees. Please see the Western Registrar's site for more information.
**Subject to change.

Tuition for the 2018 program start will be posted early in 2017.

Other Academic Expenses

Preparatory Knowledge Program** (Optional)
Economics Primer* (8 classes) $565
Finance, Accounting and Spreadsheets Primer* (16 classes) $1, 130
Quantitative Analysis Primer* (10 classes) $710
International Study Trip (Optional Elective)* $3, 000 -$4000

*Estimated and Subject to change
The cost of the Preparatory Knowledge Program (PKP) is subsidized to ensure that as many incoming students as possible may participate. Pricing is on a per primer basis.

Living Expenses Monthly Estimates*
Rent (up to $900 for single apartment) $700
Utilities $100
Food $500
Entertainment $150
Clothing $125
Bus Pass $70
Laundry $50

*Monthly estimates based on single student sharing a house or apartment

*If you will file a Canadian Income Tax Return, you can claim your MBA Tuition. A T2202A receipt is provided through an online service on Student Center

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