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Faculty of Business  October 28, 2022 – 01:49 pm
Plymouth University Business

At the Faculty of Business we want to provide you with an outstanding experience in teaching, research and enterprise. Our teaching approach is research led and designed to equip you with discipline specific and transferable skills. With an ethos that reflects the University's values, we'll help increase your employability readiness so you're fully prepared to secure a graduate career and join our thriving alumni community.

We pride ourselves on high impact research that serves and informs the academic, business and public communities, making us one of the top 30 UK universities for social sciences. In the Faculty of Business we collaborate to compete at an international level, meeting the University's mission for advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Our local and regional enterprise partnerships, like our affiliation with the Growth, Acceleration and Investment Network (GAIN), provide us with the capacity to make a highly visible difference for our students, local businesses and communities, and provides us with a platform for our international ambitions.

What motivates us? Our vision to be recognised worldwide for the enterprising culture, sustainability orientation and socially responsible values of our research and learning environment, allowing us to produce and disseminate useful knowledge.

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