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Ohio State Business schools rankings

Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Located in Columbus, Ohio  July 19, 2017 – 05:45 pm
OSU Fisher College of Business

Adjust the numbers on the left to find out how well an MBA at Ohio State University Fisher College of Business pays off.

Assuming it takes 2 years and you earn $60, 000 annually before attending, obtaining your MBA means forgoing a salary of $120, 000. Combining this opportunity cost with the total nonresident program cost of $96, 465 (not including food, rent, etc.) gives a total of $216, 465.

The 10-year ROI is 232% and the total 10-year gain is $286, 651. ROI takes the cumulative 10-year salary difference and divides by the total cost (MBA program and lost wages). The gain takes that 10-year salary difference and subtracts the total cost. Post-MBA salary is assumed to be the average for this school ($100, 000) and pre-MBA and post-MBA salaries are assumed to grow at a rate of 5%. Numbers are not inflation-adjusted and do not take into account sign-on bonuses and other compensation or qualitative gains such as networking and skills. Cost does not consider loan interest.


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