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The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  June 3, 2018 – 09:42 am
10 Law Schools That Lead to

A Wharton MBA is something you do. You fully engage in the challenges of today's global business with analytical, rigorous thinking – and gain the tools to solve the most vital problems facing business today. You learn how to make decisions backed up by data and sound reasoning, considering all the dimensions and stakeholders of a business problem. Our 250+ faculty members are among the most cited and one of the most published in the world, bringing real-world, real-time knowledge to the classroom. With more courses, academic areas, and interdisciplinary programs than at any other business school, Wharton has unmatched scope and scale so that you can pursue your individual interests. Additionally, here are countless opportunities to lead, grow, and challenge yourself, starting in your classes and learning teams, then continuing into 110+ student clubs and conferences, countless volunteer initiatives, interactions with global business leaders, and all the opportunities of Philadelphia and the Washington/New York/Boston region.


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