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ActionScript Financial Math

London School of Business and Finance Executive Education (LSBF EE) specialises in customised training courses designed for companies to maximise their employees' potential.
Benefit from: experienced trainers, flexible delivery and cost/time effective tailored programmes.


LSBF offers postgraduate programmes in business, finance and marketing delivered by InterActive. The Grenoble MBA and Grenoble MIB courses are delivered by Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) at GISMA’s campus in Berlin, Germany.GISMA Business School is part of the Global University Systems (GUS) group alongside LSBF.


LSBF offers the ACCA and CIMA accountancy professional qualifications. ACCA courses are available both online via InterActive and on-campus. On-campus students have free access to online resources powered by InterActive. CIMA courses are available 100% online – powered by InterActive


Undergraduate programmes are offered 100% online through Study Interactive. This gives you ultimate flexibility, so you can fit your studies around any existing commitments you have.

Language courses

The Language Gallery (TLG) delivers high quality language courses at a number of locations worldwide, including London, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Hannover, and Toronto. We are LSBF’s official provider of language education, and a part of the GUS group. We pride ourselves on our interactive approach to the learning process.

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