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Hult International Business School – Q&A Review  August 26, 2022 – 10:38 am
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Though I graduated 3 months ago, I am still getting a lot of emails regarding the quality of Hult and its programs. Unfortunately, after graduation, I was occupied with job search and then work and replying turned into a highly time-consuming activity that I couldn’t find time for. Since lots of questions were very similar I decided to just take out all of them and give the answers in the form of a blog post. Thus I would save some time but still provide you with the answers and hopefully help in deciding about your next school. Here is the outcome, and in case you don’t find much needed answers here, feel free to ping me in the comments section below.

1) What do you think about Hult as a university? I’ve read several reviews on the internet saying that is not as good as it seems, that they accept also students with very low gpa and gmat and that in the US is not a very well known uni and companies don’t even know about it. What has been your experience?

I love the experience, and you can read more about it . It is not perfect for sure and it has yet to be improved. But, I would lie if I said it didn’t contribute to my personal development. It’s totally opposite. This year in the US help me mature faster and understand how global economies function. Now when I have a job, I can also brag about the fact I have friends all over the world that I can ask for advice in case my company wants to work in their country. This is a huge thing and takes years to some people to realize.

It is not perfect though, and I wrote more about as well. Here is an excerpt that tackles the GPA/GMAT related question

Simple math will show that if a school wants more students, from the decreasing student pool, it will need to work harder (sales and marketing) or to lower the admission bar. Both of these are happening and this is not Hult specific. This means, that you will be exposed to working with 10-20% of people who probably do not deserve to be there. And this is not fun, especially when the language barrier is high.

As mentioned none of these is Hult specific, but rather a trend that most of schools experience. Focus on the rest of the group that you can learn and benefit from, and those 10-20% won’t ruin your overall experience

2) Is it the right place for investing a huge amount for studies (in terms of returns)?

Not sure there is such thing as the right place. There is a place good enough and Hult can be that if you know how to get the most of it. I particularly loved these three things:

  1. One year program – I wasn’t prepare to spend another 2 years in school. My budget felt the same.
  2. Global Exposure – the school is highly international. In one year I worked with people from more than 40 countries. Some of them were brilliant, some of them not. I learned from the both and now I can say I understand the world more than most of business people do.
  3. Location, location, location – Instead of studying in a college campus in the middle of nowhere you get to study in the most relevant cities in the world. What comes with that is huge industry exposure that you won’t get while studying in those small places. San Francisco itself was for me a reason strong enough to come to study at Hult. It’s the center of the tech industry and you get a chance to play with cutting edge technology months in advance.

I agree that the school is not cheap, but it is an investment in your growth, and that’s usually the best way to spend money.

3) What kind of Career support Hult gives?

There is a Career Services department at every campus that helps students get a job. They are at the same time in charge of the career portal where companies who have been working with school publish their job vacancies. At the same time, students are obliged to take the Professional career development course that gives them more info on the ways they should approach the job market. It’s a 101 job search course that covers topics from writing a resume to salary negotiation. For this purpose, there are several career coaches that help students decide their future path. They are really trying hard to help the students but, based on experience, I think there is much more to be done in this sense.

4) If everything is fine which campus I should choose to get job quickly?

This is a tough one. Choose the industry you like and than choose a campus accordingly. If you are into tech, my warmest recommendation goes to San Francisco. I believe London is much better if you are into finance, and New York for consulting.

5) How would you rate the faculty? Are they visiting faculty or full time. Will they be available for after class doubts etc.

The quality of the faculty is similar to the student body. You have more information on that as well. Speaking of after class hours, they are all obliged to spend certain amount of time on campus which means you will be able to meet them and ask about any doubts you have. It works both for full time and part time professors.

6) Is the faculty open to discussion and projects outside the classroom?

Very! The school is young and they are aware they need to do a lot of interesting things in order to stand out. Hult Prize was a student initiative, and every year students work on numerous projects that have nothing to do with the curriculum. This is usually done through student clubs, try to find more information about them on Hult’s website.

7) How much class participation is encouraged?

Usually, it’s part of the final degree. Given the cohorts are consisted of 60-70 people it is, at the same time, the only way to stand out and get a good grade. Plus you get to meet the professors, which can be highly beneficial for your career.

8) Is the curriculum challenging and conducive to learning growth or is simple and non challenging and very basic?

This is very individual and based on your experience. If your GMAT is higher than 700 and you have more than 10 years of experience, you might find some things to be trivial. But, on average you get to learn a lot through practical work with people from all around the world.

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