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International Business – Treasure Coast High School  March 9, 2017 – 03:34 pm
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The International Business Academy is a bridge from high school to college (or the work force) with a focus on international business. This program is for any student interested in the field of business and incorporates how all countries influence one another in our global economy. The academy consists of four classes that intertwine on many levels. The classes include, and are normally taken in the following order:

9th: Computing for College and Careers

10th: International Business Systems

11th: Accounting

12th: International Finance & Law

In the Computing for College and Careers class students learn the basics of computing for business, such as power point, excel and Word. International Business Systems teaches how every country connects with other countries by importing, exporting or lending money in hopes of stimulating the economy. It also teaches the basic types of business ownerships and how each type is set up and run. The accounting class takes business ownership a few steps further by teaching how to prepare financial statements and calculate profit/ loss for businesses. We also learn how to calculate payroll and other necessary areas of business. In International Finance & Law, all the classes in the academy culminate and we merge together everything we have learned. The class is broken down so that we discuss personal finance then international finance, personal business law then international business law.

If you decide to go into any area of business for your career, this academy is an excellent choice. As you can see, the classes are basic business; however, an international spin is brought into the program to simply show that all countries effect one another. Most companies function in several countries, not just one. This academy demonstrates this fact and hopefully prepares students for a career in any business area that they are passionate about. Some ideal business careers are accounting (CPA firms), travel agent, computer consultant, human resources, payroll (every company needs a person to prepare payroll!), banking, stock brokerage, politics, finance (could be in a dealership or even a private small private owned company) or bookkeeper. There are so many areas!


Thomson South-Western Business, Government, Society: The Global Political Economy
Book (Thomson South-Western)
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