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About the Lord Ashcroft International Business School  September 7, 2022 – 11:28 am

Two female students using the Bloomberg lab facilities on our Chelmsford campusThe Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab on our Chelmsford campus

We're one of the largest business schools in the East of England, with nearly 100 full-time teaching staff and approximately 6, 000 students from over 100 countries. At the Lord Ashcroft International Business School a high quality learning experience awaits you.

Our courses

We're well-recognised as a centre for business education and training by students, employers and professional bodies alike.

We stand out because our courses are rooted in the real world of business, blending sound academic theory with solid management practice. With a number being recognised by professional organisations, such as the Chartered Management Institute, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and ACCA.

To make sure that we remain at the cutting edge of management practice, and relevant to the contemporary world of commerce, we forge close links with the business community and enter into partnerships with a wide variety of businesses and public-service organisations. We partner with such global brands as Barclays, UPS, Harrods, Wilmott Dixon.

Modern campuses

You'll study in either our striking and award-winning business school building in Chelmsford or our new buildings in Cambridge, both offering the most advanced learning technologies. In Chelmsford we have our Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab – a bespoke financial trading platform providing live financial information about companies trading on global stock exchanges – designed to enhance your learning, professional development and employability.

London can be reached from both campuses within the hour, and routes to Europe and the rest of the world are easily accessible from nearby London Stansted Airport.

I have really enjoyed interacting and working with students from around the world.

Jessica Cockram

BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Global partnerships

We work effectively in partnership with other academic institutions, both at home and overseas, to identify and offer programmes which align with their market needs. We have approximate 6, 000 students globally, with an equal amount of students studying off campus as on-campus, and operate in countries including: Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Switzerland, Malta, Colombo, Armenia and the Netherlands.

Our growth and strong performance is delivered through these partnerships, reinforcing our position as a truly international business school.

World-class research

We have a research active international teaching staff, all experts in their field of study, and renowned for their global expertise in research. We have a number of top researchers who have even hit the international headlines with their research.

Our world class research drives the excellence of the business school as it underpins and enhances all of our teaching. All this research is made accessible to you, as a student, in our classrooms.

It’s an exciting time to be at our business school where we are doing research that really counts and helps you, our students.

The next generation

We're helping to develop the next generation of business practitioners and thinkers. We're interested in people who are confident, ambitious, and ready to take on the challenge of building a successful management career and making a difference in the world of business.

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