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How can I get full free scholarship for MBA in US Universities?  August 5, 2013 – 08:16 am

MBA Colleges in USA for international students are always on the popular radar. MBA colleges in USA are inviting more and more international students since the past 3 years. The Majority of the Indian students who go to US either go to pursue Masters in Science (MS) or MBA (Masters in Business Administration). MBA is popular due to its universal appeal.

The intake in US Colleges for International students witness a steady increase every year. Just for the year 2015, there was an increase of 29-32 % of the students going to US from India. The popular MBA courses are MBA in Healthcare Management, Human Resources, IT Management, Hotel Management, Finance, and Marketing

As one can gather, due to the recession and high exodus of students for MBA Colleges USA, one needs to choose their MBA program carefully. It’s no longer that an MBA pregame from the US will get you a management position. A master’s degree from the top MBA Colleges USA could only assure a guaranteed salary. But, they are quite expensive, taking one’s total expenditure to around 80 lakhs.

According to the Forbes 2015, these are the 65 top MBA Colleges in US for International students that provide the top MBA programs.

This Ranking of MBA Colleges in USA can be accessed according to the ranking and state wise and also provides the details of the tuition fee and the GRE ranking required to enter into these colleges.

But, the tuition fee for these top MBA Colleges USA is around 40 lakhs and more.

Cheap Colleges in USA for International Students

But, there are various public and private Cheap Colleges in USA for International Students that reduce your cost of education drastically. Click on the following link to know the top 10 affordable, good Public MBA colleges, as per the MBA Colleges Ranking USA by the US News Agency:

To know the Cheap Colleges in USA for International Students that are private universities, see the following link:

Note: The statistics are those that of the year 2011-2012. There might be slight changes in the tuition fee.


Tuition Fee:

The costs of Private MBA Colleges USA range from $10, 000 to $25, 000 and the tuition fee for the public MBA colleges in USA for International Students range from $20, 000 to $50, 000

Cost of Living:

The cost of living changes according to the place of living. But, with sharing an apartment and strictly managing one’s expenses one can restrict their monthly expenditure range from $1, 000 to $1500. There are 20 working hours for the international students and in the summer one can do 40 hours of work. The minimum wages range from 7 $ to 10 $. There are scholarships made available by the universities too.

One can check the MBA Colleges Ranking USA of their preferred college, by the EduUniversal Ranking Agency here:

Things to consider before choosing the MBA Course in USA and the MBA Colleges in USA

  1. The job market for the prescribed course
  2. Cost of living in the prescribed area
  3. Strong GRE score
  4. Financial assistance or scholarship provided by the MBA College
  5. IF THE COURSE IS ACCREDITED BY AACSB International (Most of the companies in the US do not hire MBA graduates without an accredited course).

1 year MBA Programme offered by MBA Colleges in USA for International Students

Even, though the US follows the tradition two-year MBA program, some universities are changing the course and are offering 1 year MBA programs too.

University of Pittsburgh, Kellogg School of Management, University of Southern California, Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, University of Florida are some such top MBA colleges USA offering 1 year MBA programme.


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