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GMAT Scores For Harvard Business School
[February 22, 2016 – 10:33 am]
GMAT Scores For Harvard Business School

With the round two application deadline just around the corner at Harvard Business School on Jan. 6th, how can anyone ensure that they will be accepted? Unfortunately there are no assurances at the number one ranked business school which had an acceptance rate of 11% for this year’s entering class. But this analysis may throw some light on what impact GMAT and GPA scores have in an HBS acceptance. HBS Acceptance Rates by GMAT Similar to all other business schools, Harvard does care about your GMAT score. As you can see in the graph below, a higher GMAT results in a better chance…

Harvard Business School application fee
[September 22, 2016 – 03:50 pm]
Harvard Business School application fee

CORe is offered with multiple durations of study—ranging from 8 to 17 weeks. However, the course content and program requirements are identical regardless of the program length. Our goal in offering different program lengths is to give you options to balance the program’s rigors with your lifestyle and other responsibilities. The median time required to complete the program is approximately 150 hours, though this learning time varies widely. Some participants spend more time on the platform to enhance their understanding of course concepts and engage with their peers. This time…

Harvard Business School case method
[May 16, 2016 – 07:07 am]
Harvard Business School case method

Case method teaching immerses students into realistic business situations. Cases provide the reality of managerial decision making — which includes incomplete information, time constraints, and conflicting goals — as students learn how to analyze business situations. The case method packs more experience into each hour of learning than any other instructional approach. It stimulates students thinking and encourages discussion. Not only is it the most relevant and practical way to learn managerial skills, it s exciting and fun. Have a complete set of teaching objectives and…