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Project Management Professional (PMP)  December 20, 2017 – 08:37 am

Learning should be without boundaries. Yet throughout time, companies have been charging exorbitant fees for training. In turn, thousands of individuals were left out, unable to pay training classes that would change their lives for the better. Project Management Professional (PMP) training is one such example. Identified as one of the most beneficial certifications for an IT management professional to hold, the training is in high-demand—and high-priced too. But that is no longer the case, at Cybrary, our online PMP training course is completely free and accessible at any time, to anyone.

About Our Free Online PMP Course

The PMP certification is a globally-recognized certification that distinguishes individuals who possess the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. Our free online PMP training course educates on how to initiate, plan and manage a project, as well as the process behind analyzing risk, monitoring and controlling project contracts and how to develop schedules and budgets. At the conclusion of the training, individuals should be able to successfully build, plan, manage and execute a project plan for a company.

This online PMP training class is thorough, because the exam is quite laborious (4 hour, 200 question format), and test-takers who are successful can attribute most of their success to in-depth training. Our full library of online self-paced training videos will ensure that you’re well prepared. Once the PMP certification is earned, one can enjoy the distinction and respect that comes from being a PMP holder, as well as the multitude of job opportunities that follow.

About the PMP Certification Exam

In order to earn the official certification for PMP, you must take one required exam. Passing the exam is determinant on the individual psychometric analysis set by the PMI institute.

Certifications are valid for three years. Reestablishing your certification requires that certain guidelines are met. For more information on maintaining certification, visit the PMI website.

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