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Business Management Online Courses  March 21, 2022 – 08:56 am

American Management Association Certificates

These self-study courses bring up-to-date, real world solutions for today’s business challenges. You get the latest management information, “how-to” explanations, practical examples, and real solutions to your daily challenges. and register today! Choose from:

  • Success Skills In The Workplace
  • Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Quality Improvement Management
  • General Management
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Finance and Coounting Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Communications Management

Visit for more information and to register.

Business Coaching Certificate

Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies. It has benefits for the employer and employee. The knowledge you gather will change the way you see yourself in the workplace. Through this knowledge you can find helpful strategies to navigate through work and life. Additionally, in this course you will develop skills in the development, implementation and support of coaching and mentoring programs. This course offers the much awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees’ performance and create the working environment that your employee swill find truly rewarding.

Certificate $395. Classes start monthly. For more information and to register, go to


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