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BTS-Business Technology Systems Classes at Bellevue College  March 15, 2017 – 03:39 pm
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Develops basic skills in keyboarding (touch-typing) and document formatting using the personal computer. No previous computer experience necessary.

Increases students' keyboarding speed and accuracy. Prerequisite: BTS 101 or equivalent experience recommended.

Strengthens skills for effective professional verbal, written and nonverbal communication. Includes reinforcement of grammar and punctuation, writing and peer-editing, proofreading and revising, business writing strategies, and portfolio preparation. Projects include a presentation with visual tools, outline, citations and portfolio preparation of professionally written business messages.

Introduces internet research, web design tools, web communication and networking websites and tools, browser basics, web search strategies, evaluating and using online resources, writing in HTML, creating effective web pages, and Internet and web security. Projects combine professional writing, computer and web authoring software skills, website creation and design, and presentation skills.

Course features the concepts, terminology, and techniques involved in utilizing a popular messaging and personal information management program specifically Microsoft Outlook. Tools and commands are utilized to email, schedule appointments and meetings, create and maintain contact lists, create task lists, maintain journals for recording and tracking activities, and create notes and reminders.

Studies business presentation design, delivery and publication using current software and professional standards. Topics include content development, audience analysis, presentation delivery, presentation slides, collaboration tools, integration, security tools, application of template and custom graphics, animation, sound, video and delivery modes. Projects create and deliver professional presentations appropriately organized for the audience.

Introduces personal computer and business software in a Windows based environment. Includes file management strategies, personal computing tools, internet navigation, effective business document design, spreadsheet analysis and design and a survey of fundamental software used in a typical business environment. Projects include design and creation of a file management plan, and fundamental interactive spreadsheets. Recommended: BTS 101 or 104 or equivalent keyboarding experience.

Introduces key concepts and software to develop and create business documents. Topics include document design, creation, formatting, layout, output, graphics, tables, citations, mail merge, indexes, macros, forms, and sharing documents. Projects integrate business communication skills and problem solving techniques to create a variety of business documents such as letters, memos, newsletters, flyers, automated documents and collaborative documents.

Introduces key concepts to develop and analyze business spreadsheets. Topics include formulas, formatting, logical, financial and lookup functions, charts, pivot tables, data tables, and multiple workbooks. Projects integrate skills to create business spreadsheets that communicate financial and operational performance.

Introduces key concepts of data management and the use and creation of relational databases as a business tool. Topics include: views, simple and advanced queries, create and modify forms and sub-forms, reports, primary and foreign keys, importing data, formulas, controls and conditional formatting. Projects apply skills to multiple hands-on databases of increasing complexity.

Introduction to the basics of managing, customizing and maintaining files, folders, disks, and display settings using the Windows operating system. Prerequisite: BTS 173.

Introduces key concepts to create and design publications for business use. Studies design principles, publication function, and industry standard software to create, design, and publish business documents, and prepare digital images for print and web use. Projects combine computer software skills design principles and efficient workflow to create business publications such as logos, brochures, advertisements and newsletters. Recommended: BTS 161 or equivalent experience.

Explores in-depth the current industry standard software to create and produce professional layouts and multipage publications for print. Topics include design principles, publication function, advertising principles and issues working with clients, typography, print considerations, color management, layout design, and management. Projects integrate design, advertising and client relations skills to create business cards, brochures, posters, directories, books, and banners.

Introduces industry standards in digital imaging software and devices to create, edit, and manipulate images for print and web. Topics include design principles, print and web standards and tools, editing, modifying, compositing, painting, drawing, repairing, color-correcting, and automating digital images for business. Projects include marketing materials such as posters, book covers, labels and ads for use in a final portfolio. Recommended: BTS 161 or BTS 186.

Introduces industry standards in web page authoring and editing tools. Topics include principles of web design, file management, formatting, HTML, CSS, image optimization, publishing and managing dynamic web pages. Projects include the design and publication of a website based on a business client need. Recommended: BTS 110.

Covers directed readings, special projects, and independent study by an individual student. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Explores content management systems (CMS) used to create a web presence. Topics include installation, configuration, designing themes, creating, managing and organizing content, adding plugins, user account management, security and overall CMS site administration. Projects include design and creation of a website using a content management system to meet business/organizational needs. Recommended: BTS 110.

Introduces web based collaborative software to enhance work, data and content collaboration in a business environment. Topics include works pace sites, content publication, lists, discussion boards, libraries, surveys, tracking tasks, blogs, wikis, web parts, customization, templates, managing users and permissions. Projects include the design and creation of customized workspaces to solve specific business needs.

Develops advanced spreadsheet skills including application programming using software such as Microsoft Excel on the personal computer. Prerequisite: BTS 165.


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