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Best Business schools in Northeast

Best law schools in the Northeast  December 29, 2021 – 07:11 am

nyu lawNYU's law school is the third best in the Northeast.NYU School of Law/Facebook

Business Insider recently released its ranking of the 50 best law schools in America, which highlights the top institutions that prepare students to land highly coveted jobs in the legal world.

But apart from job prospects, location can play an important role in deciding which school to attend, too. Some people don't want to uproot too far from a community where they're established, while others may want to get their JD near a specific industry epicenter — like the finance world of New York or the tech scene out West.

Pulling from our overall law school ranking, we've compiled a list of the best schools in the Northeast, as defined by the US Census Bureau. Our methodology draws data from the American Bar Association and focuses on the percentage of graduates who land full-time, long-term, highly coveted jobs, which includes positions at big law firms that pay well — those with over 251 employees — and federal clerkships. Read more about our methodology here.

Half of the schools on the list are located in New York, but the top spot goes to the University of Pennsylvania, which also topped the main list.


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