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Faculty Research: Modupe Akinola  September 28, 2022 – 11:20 am
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Columbia Business School faculty members are world-renowned not only for generating new thinking in their fields but also for having a genuine impact on current business practices. Our professors routinely partner with businesses in New York and across the globe to test, refine, and implement new ideas for the ever-changing business landscape. Faculty members give you an insider's view into their industry and the tools you'll need to take those lessons into your chosen field.

Columbia’s approach to academics also breaks down the barriers between traditionally isolated disciplines. Professors from different academic areas share lectures in core curriculum classes, giving you a truly holistic look at pertinent business topics.

What's more, the School’s location in New York City gives us access to a slew of invaluable adjunct professors and Executives in Residence. These top business executives come up to teach classes, network with students, and give one-on-one advice, allowing you the opportunity to build strong relationships that often continue long past graduation.

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Business Management for the Curious - Why Study Business Management: Top Professors' Perspectives on the College Major, Scholarships, Research Areas, and Career Options
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