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Frequently Asked Questions about E-mail  May 25, 2022 – 08:58 am
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To update your e-mail contact information, please log in using your Lifetime ID and password to the Alumni website and click on the “Edit my Profile” link within the online alumni network section. To update your e-mail information click on “E-mail” on the right hand side of the page; to update your e-mail forwarding address click on “Lifetime E-Mail” and select the address you would like to have your lifetime e-mail address forward to from the list of e-mails already linked to your account.

Remember to click the “Save” button after making all changes. Once you do so, your e-mail address will be updated in the School’s records.

How does lifetime e-mail forwarding work?

Your lifetime e-mail is a permanent forwarding vehicle where e-mail gets redirected to your personal or business mailbox and enables alumni to keep in touch with one another as they move and change jobs. A non-Columbia e-mail address is necessary in order to receive and respond to your forwarded e-mail.

Please note that you cannot log into your lifetime e-mail to send e-mails. You can only have e-mails sent to that address and then redirected to your personal e-mail account.

To update your e-mail forward address click on “Lifetime E-Mail” link located within the “Edit my Profile” portion of the online alumni network section of the website.

I graduated recently. How long can I still access my student e-mail account and how do I set up my alumni lifetime e-mail forwarding address?

As you transition from student to alumni, you will need to close out your GSB Mail account and set your lifetime forwarding address to an e-mail account of your choice. You can do this anytime within 90 days of graduation but suggest you do so as soon as possible. After 90 days, your e-mail account will automatically terminate and the contents of the account will be lost.

Please keep in mind that address and name changes registered in your student account do not automatically transfer to the alumni website.

To set up your lifetime forwarding e-mail address, please log in using your Lifetime ID and password to the alumni website and click on “Lifetime E-Mail” link located within the “Edit my Profile” portion of the online alumni network section of the website.

I no longer want to receive any communications from Columbia Business School. How do I do this?

There are three kinds of communication restrictions that can be placed on an alumni account. These restrictions are: e-mail restriction (you will no longer receive any e-mails), mailing restriction (you will no longer receive any mailings), and no contact (you will no longer receive any communications).

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