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Cross-Registration for Non-MBA Students  August 2, 2017 – 06:03 pm
Cross-Registration for Non-MBA

The site will not be active outside of the period of time listed. Only seats with appropriate open capacity will be made available for cross-registration application. If a course is not made available to cross-registrants through the application process, there is no other form of appeal to gain access to the course.

Non-Business School students may take no more than 3 credits of business school courses (this includes Block Week, MBA, PhD, and EMBA courses) per semester and no more than 12 credits during their entire Columbia course of study.

Note that Non-Business School students will receive traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) for courses taken at the Business School. Also, the Business School follows a slightly different academic calendar than most of the University.

Cross-Registration Application Instructions

  • Students will need to submit a completed cross-registration application online by clicking on the blue button below. Requests will not be considered outside of the online cross-registration application.
  • The MBA Course Directory lists whether a course is 1.5 or 3.0 credits. Click on the highlighted course number and title to access a full course description and whether a course has a pre-and/ or co-requisite.
  • The application allows you to save as many choices as you want, but only the top three will be considered.
  • Decisions and processing of all cross-registration applications will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Students may attend courses while decisions are pending on their application.
  • Special Instructions for Teacher's College Students:

  • If your application is accepted, please make sure to add the course into Banner.
  • Pre and Co-Requisite Enforcement

    Electives that have core course pre- and/or co-requisites beginning with B6xxx will not be enforced. By accepting a seat in a course that has a core course pre- or co-requisite, you assume responsibility for having the necessary background and preparation. Electives that have course pre- and/or co-requisites beginning with B8xxx will be enforced.

    The Finance course Capital Markets & Investments (FINC B8306) is a prerequisite for most finance courses. The following Columbia courses offered outside of the Business School have been approved as equivalent to B8306:

  • INAF U6045 International Capital Markets (SIPA) and INAF U6022 Economics of Finance (SIPA) taken together fulfill the Business School's prerequisite of FINC B8306 Capital Markets & Investments.
  • Note: For Business School electives that list B8306 Capital Markets as a co-requisite, one class (U6045 or U6022) should have already been taken and the other class should be taken concurrently with the B-School elective requiring the B8306 Capital markets co-requisite.
  • All other stated prerequisites have to have been taken at the Business School. Instructors may not waive these prerequisites. Students who believe they have the appropriate background may take the applicable exemption exam.

    Exemption Exams

    Drop or Withdrawal Procedures and Deadlines

    TO DROP OR WITHDRAW FROM A BUSINESS CLASS: You must notify the Business School’s Office of Student Affairs. Dropping business school courses via SSOL or the University Registrar is not permitted.

  • For Spring 2017 - Full-term and A-term MBA courses, students may drop up until Tuesday, January31st. After that date, students may withdraw (with a notation of W on your transcript) from Full-term and A-term courses until Tuesday, February 14th.
  • For Spring 2017 B-term courses, students may drop until Friday, March 24th. After that date, students may withdraw from B-term courses until
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