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Prepared to Help You Maximize Your EMBA  August 14, 2017 – 06:16 pm
Amanda Carlson, Columbia

If you are a professional whose career reflects achievement and leadership potential, the Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program may be right for you. Ours is a program designed for high-achieving executives.

Many of our current students work in the banking, healthcare, law, media, and nonprofit sectors. More than half receive partial or full sponsorships from supportive employers who know they will get an exceptional return on their investment.

Application process. It really is a process. Your application will require that you assemble a variety of materials. Importantly, the application is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and really tell us who you are through three short essays.

Before you apply. Attend an information session. We cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an information session where you will learn:

  • How to get the right recommendations
  • What you need to know about the GMAT
  • The importance of articulating your experience and aspirations
  • Many other details important to your application

Worth reviewing. Here are important details to assure that your application is in top shape. Please know that our Admissions team is available to help you through the process.

Submit securely online. Once your materials are ready, submit your application securely, entirely online, including your transcripts and recommendations.

Decisions. The Admissions Office reviews candidates on a rolling basis. This means you may hear a decision about your application prior to the final application deadline. We recommend submitting your application as early as possible.


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