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How Is the Education in Cass Business School?  May 26, 2022 – 10:39 am
Verslag van een fantastische

Before I rule out this school completely, can I get some opinions on this school from current students or people who know about this school? Not from the official representatives please.

Reasons for ruling this one out.

I have been there a few times. The impression I got was that the school is like a foreign country and the admin people are all UK nationals (saw them on the third floor), feeding on those who come from abroad. The building is fancy because hey let's face it this isn't Harvard, this is the least they can do. I am all for the Euro-thing, but hey there should be some boundaries.

Teachers did talk about having a lot of experience teaching and suggested that they knew what they were doing. But given their previous qualifications, they would say that wouldn't they. Do they even have PGCE? I thought every university teacher had to have one.

I met current students, heard where they studied before and the grade they got, much too low.

The ranking tables are rubbish. No one cares. I don't think LSE cares about their position in the ranking tables and they don't have to. This school has to, because that's all they have got. This school is very showoff, anti-English. They never miss the opportunities to tell the world how great they are. In the financial times editorial thing, there are so many pieces by Cass teachers. I thought that teachers would get sacked if they mixed journalism and academia.

Finally, I don't like the fact that they have got representatives on the TSR. It makes them appear desperate and cheap.

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