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Cass Learning Resource Centre  September 12, 2021 – 12:06 pm
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Specialist business collections and library services dedicated to students of Cass Business School.

Cass Learning Resource Centre is based on the first floor of Bunhill Row. The library primarily supports Postgraduate students whilst Undergraduate collections are based at the Northampton Square Library.

A dedicated team of professional staff are available to assist you with using our comprehensive portfolio of electronic resources and with finding books for your course.


Library users who would like to make use of any of the services identified in this guide should first contact Disability Services or the Dyslexia Support team who will make a referral and provide us with an initial assessment of your requirements. Your local library site representative will then be able to put the necessary arrangements in place for you.

Emergency evacuation

There are designated refuge points adjacent to the main passenger lifts and also to the two separate lifts accessible via emergency exits towards the rear of the Learning Resource Centre.


The Learning Resource Centre, which is situated on the first floor, can be reached by any of the three passenger lifts at the front of the Cass Building.

Low level enquiry points

There is a dedicated catalogue terminal available at standard desk height. At the service desk there is a section also at standard desk height, shared with the IT help desk but available when required for handing across library books or papers.

Library guides and leaflets in alternative formats

All leaflets can be supplied in electronic format, in large print format or on different coloured paper. Please ask at your local site and allow up to one week for production.


All students have a unified printing and photocopying account. This can be topped up using the payment kiosks or at the library service desk. You can pay using cash or your credit or debit card. Retain your receipt to assist with reclaiming costs incurred where appropriate.


Occupational Psychology, Management Education and Consultancy: A 50-Year Narrative for Academics Striving to Manage Their Careers in a Competitive Climate
eBooks (Allan P. O. Williams in conjunction with Writersworld)

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