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Working at Cass  August 8, 2023 – 01:23 pm
Cass base borders the City

To work at Cass is to be part of a multinational team that supports and interacts with over 3000 talented and ambitious students from over 100 countries. You will gain a truly international perspective in an environment where serious learning is balanced with opportunities for relaxation.

A modern, air-conditioned building with good transport links and access to the full range of Cass's learning facilities and events will place you in a position to meet and learn from leading figures in the world of business and politics.

Develop yourself

Cass offers excellent salaries and a number of attractive benefits. We are committed to equal opportunities in all of our activities and work with you to develop your personal requirements.

Who do we recruit?

We value staff who are passionate about working for Cass and passionate about their jobs.

We believe that it is the quality and commitment of our staff that really counts.
We seek people who can add value, take initiative and get involved.
These are the qualities which are important for promotion and reward.

Staff development and opportunities

Training is provided in-house at Cass, through City, University of London's staff development programme, or by attending external courses, as appropriate.


Occupational Psychology, Management Education and Consultancy: A 50-Year Narrative for Academics Striving to Manage Their Careers in a Competitive Climate
eBooks (Allan P. O. Williams in conjunction with Writersworld)

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