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About the Executive MBA programme  July 13, 2019 – 05:24 pm
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The Cass Executive MBA in London is a two-year journey of transformation, an interface between academic insight and the real-life priorities of the business world.

Studying weekday evenings or weekends for an internationally recognised qualification while continuing to work is a challenge, but also an opportunity to apply your new skills to the challenges of modern business.

You will be immersed in an environment defined by a diverse, experienced cohort, an international faculty and a worldwide alumni network. Before you even begin we facilitate the building of relationships with future colleagues and the planning of your professional development. As you progress, your International Consultancy Week and choice of International Elective will noticeably enhance your knowledge of global business practices.

Please note, we still have a limited number of places available for our Modular Executive MBA programme starting in March 2017.

If you have your funding in place and are able to submit a competitive application in the coming weeks we can fast track your application. For further information, please contact Anna Rechnio at

Modular Executive MBA course: Delivered one long weekend (Friday-Monday) a month over a 24-month period. (March start)

Executive MBA course: Delivered twice a week from 18:15 to 21:00 over a 24-month period. (September start)


Occupational Psychology, Management Education and Consultancy: A 50-Year Narrative for Academics Striving to Manage Their Careers in a Competitive Climate
eBooks (Allan P. O. Williams in conjunction with Writersworld)

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