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What is School Business Management?

School Business Management  May 23, 2020 – 08:34 pm

ILM logoThe School Business Management programmes are professional qualifications aimed at practising School Business Managers (SBMs) and are accredited by the ILM.

The programmes are also suitable for:

  • Emerging SBMs are those who are working in a school, but not currently in an SBM role.
  • Aspiring SBMs are those who are currently working outside the school/education sector, but who aspire to become a SBM in a primary/secondary school or academy.

We have worked for many years to develop the SBM sector qualifications as an established provider since 2007 on behalf of the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). Our experience, extensive links to practicing SBMs and current sector knowledge all ensure our high quality programmes address the needs of the business management sector and maintain a high expectation of all our participants.

Since 2007, thousands of participants have been successful in our programmes, going on to secure SBM positions in schools, academies and local authorities.

We offer two study options:

  • blended learning, which combines distance learning with face-to-face workshops. Workshops are delivered in Central London locations.
  • distance learning.

International School Business Management

Mpowernet at Anglia Ruskin University offers a range of distance learning programmes suitable for the school business management sector overseas. If you are based within an International School with exposure to relevant English curricular structures and policies then these programmes could be for you!

You can contact the Anglia Ruskin SBM Team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 55

SBM Progression have you considered enrolling on NPQSL?

We recognise that SBMs are facing increasingly complex and logistical challenges and we have been working with the sector to support career progression beyond the SBM Diplomas. The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership offers the opportunity for SBMs to work alongside Assistant and Deputy Heads, SLEs and other senior leaders to gain a deep understanding of teaching, learning and leading school improvement strategies.


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