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Frequently Asked Questions  July 22, 2020 – 09:43 pm
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The Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) in School Business Management provides a course of study to qualify students for licensure as a School Business Manager. Graduates of the program have assumed roles as Director of Finance, Comptroller, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Information Services, Human Resource Manager, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Benefits Manager and Financial Consultant.

The curriculum provides students with an understanding of the organization of elementary and secondary school systems and the expertise needed to manage their resources. Through applied learning opportunities, acquire an advanced understanding of the accounting and finance functions, information technology, property management, budget preparation and personnel management, and learn about state reporting and other statutory requirements.

The mission of the School Business Management Masters Program is to provide students an opportunity to pursue a course of study which will qualify them for licensure as a School Business Manager.

  • Yes, the program is delivered online. Opportunity to meet onsite may be offered but is not normally required. If an onsite meeting is required, note will be made in the course description.
  • No, a second master’s is not required. If you already have a master’s degree, you must earn an additional 24 credits in the core school business management coursework.
  • Prior to enrollment in the finance courses, students must have successfully completed a graduate level accounting course. Students who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting may have this requirement waived.
  • Previous coursework for the principalship, superintendency, or other administrative areas may include cross-over courses. Your transcripts and syllabi will be reviewed for content and alignment with this program before a decision is made.
  • The program requires an internship. This arrangement is made between the student and a Wisconsin public school district. The student is required to complete activities as defined in a professional portfolio. This requires time in a school district business office and school setting which will happen during a regular work day. If employed outside of a school district, there may be a loss of work hours. Internships are not paid.
  • The program offers two courses each Fall and Spring. Summer courses are regularly offered. It normally requires two years to complete the program if summer courses are taken. Taking 6 credits per semester and adding summer work will allow a student to complete 36 credits in two years.
  • Apply using WINS on the UWW website.
  • Your application will be reviewed when all materials and fees are received. Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive a letter, login information, and access to registration.


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