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Business Managers are responsible for organizing the work of a company, setting objectives for all employees and motivating all the different teams at a company to work together. Business Managers are also in charge of measuring performance and rewarding those who have earned it. Through daily interaction and regular reporting procedures, Business Managers can help new employees to become better workers, which unlocks their potential and puts them in a position to move up the corporate ladder.

Business Manager Educational Requirements

A high school diploma is all that is required to become a Business Manager, although most people usually work at a lesser position in the company for some time before being promoted. Because of this, some job experience is usually required ? less than five years in most cases. In addition to relevant experience, managers need to be good communicators to convey messages clearly between themselves and employees. When employees have issues with one another, it is up to the manager to find a compromise that ensures productivity stays high and all objectives are met.

Business Manager Job Market

The job market for managers is strong in businesses with many employees. All companies need a manager, but the best way to be hired as a manager is to have leadership training and to work at a company in a related role for a while. The job market for managers is expected to grow by 6 percent by 2022. Managerial positions tend to be just a single step on an upward ladder, which means the position often needs to be filled as the old manager is promoted. A similar management position would be as an Analyst Relations Manager.

Business Manager Salary

Business Managers make varied amounts of money based on their company's size. A manager at a large company can earn more than $150, 000 annually while the manager of a single fast food location might make $43, 000. As a rule of thumb, managers who work at major production locations will earn much more than those who work in a retail-oriented environment.


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