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How To Become A School business manager  May 16, 2017 – 04:47 pm
What does a school business

School business managers work closely with head teachers to ensure budgets are used efficiently.

What does a school business manager do?

A major part of this job would be financial management and accounting, for example school business managers might:

  • advise the head teacher and governors on financial policy
  • plan how to spend and control the budget and reduce costs
  • order goods and services and pay suppliers and contractors
  • pay salaries
  • keep accounts for inspection
  • report to the head teacher, governors, and local authority and government departments

The role's other duties may be to:

  • recruit, train and manage school support staff
  • control school building maintenance
  • handle contracts and tenders for services such as cleaning, catering and IT support
  • make sure school security as well as health and safety policies are followed
  • manage the school's administrative systems

In some jobs, this role may also be involved in marketing, the letting of premises for events, or bidding for funding for a school.

What do I need to do to become a school business manager?

You’ll need a strong background in finance, management, or similar to become a school business manager. An accountancy qualification is a very common requirement in this job.

You may have an advantage with a foundation degree or degree, or professional qualification, in accountancy, business management, public administration, or human resources.

You may be able to start as a school administrator or secretary. You’ll usually need five GCSEs, including maths and English. With experience, you could then apply for promotion to office manager or business manager.

Related skills

  • Communication
  • Financial planning
  • IT
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • People management
  • Time management

Academic route

  • Five GCSEs, including maths and English

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