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Top 50 Business schools undergraduate

Best Undergrad Business Schools 2016  April 18, 2017 – 04:16 pm
Top 50 Best Undergraduate New grads starting a business as a primary job

(4.3% For all schools)

Median Outstanding Student Debt

For students who had student debt

Share of students with jobs who interned at the company where they work

Since our rankings comprise four elements, some schools might rank highly without killing it on every measure. For example, Villanova, our top-ranked school, ranked 29th out of 114 schools on our starting salary category. The chart below shows you how each school did for each rankings metric.


Bloomberg has ranked undergraduate business programs since 2006. Over time, we have shifted our methodology to focus on how well the programs prepare their graduates for job success. Our employer survey, which measures recruiter opinions on how well undergraduate programs equip their graduates with relevant skills, and our student survey, which records student feedback on how thoroughly they’ve been prepared for the workforce, have always been cornerstones of our rankings, along with data on how many graduates had at least one business-related internship during college and starting salary figures for graduates. This year, we’ve eliminated several parts of our old rankings model that do not speak directly to career preparation, including time spent on homework and average SAT score, and we’ve updated our surveys to focus more clearly on jobs.

Employer Survey (40 percent of total score)

To assess how well undergraduate business programs prepare graduates for the jobs they want, we surveyed recruiters from companies that hire undergraduate business majors. We asked schools to identify individuals recently involved in recruiting their graduates. We surveyed 1, 079 recruiters at 582 firms that completed the survey. We partnered with Cambria Consulting of Boston to run our employer survey, along with our Student survey.

We asked recruiters to identify as many as 10 schools at which they had significant recruiting experience in the past five years. We then asked the recruiters to assess how well these schools’ graduates performed on specific qualities important to them when they recruit business students. To ensure that employers that hired only a few undergrad business majors did not have outsize weight in our analysis, we gave each company an index score representing the total number of business undergraduates it hired in 2013 and 2014 (estimated using data provided by schools). We then weighted recruiters’ raw scores by their index scores for employer size. Ratings from employers that hired many undergraduates had greater impact than ratings from those that hired just a few.


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