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Stanford Business School MBA fees

Application Fee  August 12, 2017 – 06:12 pm
Yi Wang

The MBA Admissions Office will evaluate your application and release your decision only if you pay the application fee.

Standard Fee

The MBA Program application fee is $275 and is nonrefundable. We must receive your fee by 1 pm Pacific Time on the deadline day for the round in which you are applying.

Waived Fee

The fee is waived for active-duty U.S. military service members or U.S. military veterans who have been honorably discharged. If you are eligible for a waiver, upload one of the following documents when requested in the online application:

  • Option 1: Proof-of-service statement or letter, dated within the last 45 days
  • Option 2: Copy of most recent enlistment contract, dated within the last 365 days
  • Option 3: Copy of TA form showing date of separation (if applicable)
  • Option 4: Copy of your most recent Leave and Earnings statements showing Estimated Time of Separation, dated within the last 45 days

Alternatively, you may submit other documentation, but it must indicate your current military status and the date you will be separating from that status. (Do not submit a copy of your military ID.)


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