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Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ph  May 28, 2013 – 09:34 am
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The Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship undertakes research into innovation and entrepreneurship process, from identifying pockets of original knowledge in the search for ideas, to the diffusion and entrepreneurial exploitation of new products, processes and services. The Phd in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is offered at Imperial College London Business School. The department is a core part of the Business School and is unique in Europe due to its interdisciplinary depth, funding, contacts and published research in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The department welcomes applications from students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds who strive for excellence and have a desire to influence policy and practice by working at the interface of science, engineering and business management.

The Department has a portfolio of research projects worth over £25 million in direct financial support, in addition to a similar in-kind contribution from the business world. Many involve collaboration with interdisciplinary centres across the College, such as the Energy Business Research Laboratory. As a Doctoral student within this Department youll benefit from engaging with evidence-based research that offers unique insights into the latest innovation, entrepreneurship, technology management and digital approaches.

Practical experience

Doctoral students in the department have the opportunity to teach on programmes such as MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management as well as on our MBA, which offers a unique focus on innovation through elective courses and the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design project.

Research centres and partnerships

The department works with global companies, SMEs, policy communities and research institutions, as well as flagship projects with Imperials Engineering, Natural Science and Medicine faculties. No other group in Europe has such inter-disciplinary application, actively translating its research findings through direct engagement with research and industry partners, academic publications, conferences, workshops and briefings.

At the departments heart is the Innovation Studies Centre (ISC), covering in four themes the entire innovation process from knowledge creation to commercialisation. The ISC acts as a flywheel for a number of exciting programmes and centres, where the business world and research councils have provided financial backing to conduct research in specific areas, such as new models for technology transfer and innovation in services.

The departments work includes a start-up company named Think Play Do Group, which is supported by Imperial Innovations, Uniquest and the University of Queensland. This allows members to commercialise and develop their ideas.

Research centres within the department include the Centre for Management Buy-Out Research, Digital City Exchange, Enterprise Research Centre, The Entrepreneurship Hub, Entrepreneurial Family Business Centre and the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation.


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