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About Bangor Business School  March 21, 2021 – 09:04 am
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Staff and facilities

Bangor Business School's top researchers and senior staff who were responsible for achieving the top 25% position in the UK for research, also teach on Masters programmes. This means that students will receive lecturers by academic staff who are pushing back the frontiers of research.

During recent years, Bangor Business School staff have undertaken policy work and consultancy linked to their research for organisations as diverse as the European Commission, World Bank, IMF, UK Treasury, European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Spanish Savings Bank Association, as well as many other national and international organisations. Their research papers and articles are regularly published in leading journals and their books published worldwide.

Academic areas

Bangor Business School's excellent record in postgraduate teaching is reflected in both the performance of its students and the innovative nature of its degree programmes. It was the first UK university to establish an MA in Banking and Finance (1973), and was, more recently, the first to offer MBAs in Banking and Finance and Islamic Banking and Finance.

Postgraduate students can choose between several types of higher degree programmes and subjects. These include taught MSc, MA and MBA degrees in the fields of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Islamic Banking and Finance, Business, Management, Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Computer Science and Law. The School also runs a highly successful programme for students who wish to study for the research degrees of MPhil or PhD, and Bangor has one of the largest PhD schools of any business school in the UK.

Bangor Business School (Photo)Career prospects

Graduates of Bangor Business School have excellent prospects for pursuing employment in a wide range of roles in the accounting, business, banking and financial sectors of the global economy. The programmes' emphasis on practical insights enhances students' employability and enables students to develop a range of transferable skills which are widely sought in the above sectors. Specialist advice is available to students at various points during their studies in order to prepare them for securing employment after graduation.

Graduates of Bangor have an impressive track record of employability and have found employment in senior positions across the globe, from Downing Street and Deutsche Bank to Accenture Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Bangor Business School London Centre

Many of Bangor Business School’s Masters programmes are also offered at its campus in the heart of London. Based at Broadgate Tower, the London Centre enables the School to deliver its cutting-edge banking- and finance-related degrees to individuals who wish to live and study in London – and as Bangor staff also teach on the London programmes, students are guaranteed the same famous Bangor expertise. Bangor Business School – London Centre.

I couldn't have chosen a better place to study, both the people and the beautiful setting of the university. The course gave me a good grounding in economics and provided the basic skills upon which the rest of my career has been built. Members of the department were always encouraging and inspired me to take my economics further."


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