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BBA International Business Management  May 15, 2016 – 04:12 pm
(International Partnership

Lancaster and its partners are all rated best of their kind in their respective countries for international management education at undergraduate level. They form part of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS), an innovative and highly respected grouping

Our suite of BBA degrees in International Business Management are highly unusual four-year degree programmes where you spend two years studying at Lancaster and another two years at one of our IPBS partner institutions in Europe, the USA or Mexico. They are unlike any other programme offered by a UK institution.

For many IPBS students, the desire to boost their career prospects and perhaps accelerate their progression to senior roles is a key reason behind studying for an IPBS degree. In recognition of this, LUMS provides a range of facilities to support IPBS students in their career development and to assist them in sourcing their internships and their first graduate job. Employability is embedded in the curriculum and all degree schemes in LUMS offer students the opportunity to implement their learning in the work environment whether through internships, placements or consultancy projects.

Our aim for IPBS students is for them to benefit from the integration of university study and employment, to experience the responsibilities, tasks and relationships involved in a 21st century workplace. Through their internships students gain greater practical understanding of their chosen specialism and develop an understanding of the ways in which their host organisation operates and how this might relate to other organisations, and management processes, in their preferred sector.

General employability support available to IPBS students:

  • 1-2-1 appointments – bookable online
  • Drop in clinics - 8 hours per week during term
  • Online guides to international career development
  • Weekly employer led events
  • Two careers fairs for LUMS students only
  • Psychometric test practice
  • Professional Business English language support
  • CV tutoring
  • Covering letter and application form workshops
  • Practice interviews

Internship opportunities:

These are advertised on an internal jobs board where students can review advertisements, contact employers directly and submit applications. IPBS students in the UK take internships across all sectors but the main focus is in banking, consultancy and marketing.

Employability in the curriculum:

All IPBS pre internship-semester students must take the seminar “Introduction to internships” focussed on enabling students to meet the challenges of high level internships. The seminar includes an introduction to the German job market, legal requirements, an overview of careers theory, application process management, skills development and personal career planning.


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