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Should I go to Hult Business School?  September 7, 2017 – 06:41 pm
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Agreed with Nouveau Richie and turtles. Bay area native, never heard of it. I would proceed with immense caution; AACSB accreditation means little, but the fact that they sought membership yet lack accreditation says a lot.

This is effectively a 7 year old school; according to Wikipedia, they were bought out 2003 with only 26 students.

The company that bought them is a little sketchy in my opinion. Hult and some of their other subsidiaries are non-profits, but the holding company and other subs are not.

Business schools are immensely profitable enterprises, so I would just say buyer beware, particularly because business schools lack a real governing association like the ABA. Of course, some of the law school the ABA accredits are not exactly upstanding institutions either...

If you want a brand name, either for a career change, promotion, or to raise capital more easily, stay away. I have not heard of this school, it is not affiliated with any established university, and it is new. Right or wrong, my first thought is "UPhoenix MBA?"

If they throw a full ride your way, and you aren't doing a MBA for branding, why not take it? It's 2 years opportunity cost, but, if they are covering living expenses, enjoy your vacation.

But if they want cash, do not do it. Besides, if you aren't doing a MBA for the brand, you shouldn't really do a MBA. Take courses at Cal or Stanford as a non-degree student. I guarantee you will learn more, and save money.


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