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Student Post: The MBA Application Process at Hult International Business School  November 15, 2018 – 02:01 pm

Ronke AderonmuOver the next few weeks, we’ll be hearing from Akhil, a former Magoosh student who will be pursuing his MBA at Hult in the fall. Akhil will be writing about his experience with the GMAT and the MBA admissions process as an international student. You can learn more about him on !

When I began my search for a suitable business school, I never came across Hult. The usual “M7” schools appeared in every MBA forum or blog that I read. In fact, with Hult, it was the other way round. As a prospective MBA student I had to search for appropriate business schools but with Hult, I was contacted by one of the recruiters asking if I was interested in pursuing my MBA at one of its six schools.

At first I was surprised but further research into Hult made me realise that this is in fact how Hult markets itself. Its unconventional approach is due to the fact that Hult is a relatively new school and is still building its brand amongst the other top schools.

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to find out more about Hult and what it has to offer so I requested to talk over the phone to get my questions answered. The call lasted over half an hour simply because I had the most fascinating discussion with the recruiter, Vaibhav Rustagi. He answered all my questions in detail after which I was further intrigued by the school.

I was convinced that Hult and I would be compatible. Hult has the most diverse student body in the world and is therefore clearly the most ‘international’ MBA. In addition, Hult has an excellent track record of its student who use their MBAs to move into social entrepreneurship. As I too want to pursue a venture in social entrepreneurship after my MBA, I had no choice other than to begin my application!

As I began filling out my application form I couldn’t help but noticing that Hult was the only school I came across that held an interview with applicants as part of the application process. The other schools I had earmarked required me to fill in the application form which generally entails writing an essay or two, submitting references and completing my profile with regards to personal and professional achievements. Only after your application is reviewed by the admissions team of the school, will you then be invited for an interview, if successful.

I found the methodology adopted by Hult of hosting the interview as part of the application process a more realistic approach. It makes sense to read the application form and then truly get to know the applicant in the flesh! With the other schools you literally have to sell yourself completely on paper.

Speaking of interviews, I have to confess that my interview with the Director of Recruiting at Hult, Chris Smart, was more of a friendly chat. In fact, my interview lasted just under 2 hours! I believe I have set a record there!

If you do decide to apply to any of the programmes offered by Hult, you will be assigned a recruiter who will basically guide you through every step of the process. Again, another benefit not provided by other schools.

To top it all off, Hult hosts Campus Premiere events throughout the year at all its campuses. This is a great opportunity for you to visit your preferred choice of campus, meet your future classmates, speak to alumni and begin networking with faculty. Did I mention that you get funding towards your trip for the Campus Premiere? YES! Hult contributes towards the costs for your attendance to a Campus Premiere event. I had a great time at the Hult San Francisco!

After reading my experiences of the Hult MBA application process, I’m sure you’ll agree that Hult offers far more than many other business schools. You get personal support throughout the application process, your interview forms part of your application and you get a chance to visit your preferred campus. You can’t beat that!


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