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Hult Business School acceptance rate

Hult International Business School Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts  December 31, 2021 – 08:01 am
Hult International Business

By: Jatin Santani | 5 / 5 | 7 months ago

Hult International Business School was one of the best thing that could happen to me.
The Soft Skills you learn from Hult will remain with you for the rest of your life and the Academics that you learn from Hult will help you grow more professionally.
I will break this review in two parts Pros and Cons.
Faculty - The professors are very professional, There are many professors that still keep in touch.
Welcoming - As an Alumni I am always welcome on campus and have a faculty which appreciates that.
Life Long Learning - As an Alumni i Have one elective that i can do every year, which helps me keep in touch with education.
Diversity - Hult has many different people coming from different countries from around the world with different backgrounds and this creates a very diverse culture to create a very different community of Students and Alumni.
Action Project - The experience of doing an action project in an another country with an industry you have no idea about makes you completely get out of your comfort zone to make you learn more. This action project even ensures that we use each and every module that we learnt at hult to be used in one big project.

Catering to such a big diverse range of students is not easy for any business school. Hult manages very well to connect all these people together. But does not manage to keep everyone happy. There are many things that could culturally not appeal to a lot of different people around the world, But could be appealing to majority.
Career Opportunities - Hult is not a Business School which will spoon feed you to guarantee a job straight after graduation, Hult requires the students to work hard to get there, Even though there are many people who get jobs through Hult, They even manage to disappoint a lot of people to get there.

Even though I can see Hult trying its Best to overcome their cons. My respect for this Business School will always be high and I love how Hult has made me look at the world from a much different angle.

By: Pablo Romero Yusta | 4 / 5 | 8 months ago

I am close to complete my Master of International Marketing and, in general terms, I am very satisfied. The majority of people at Hult really care about the school and the values/mission the organization stands for. The international student body is impressive and completely unique, offering students an unparalleled diversity and invaluable cultural richness (more than 140 nationalities, seriously!). I could not think of a better school that provides me with such international mindset to access to a truly global career.

Best things about Hult:

- International Exposure: in addition to the student body, Hult has campuses in some of the main economic capitals of the world, which is an excellent opportunity to acquire a truly global vision of the world and business
- Rotation: 3 different cities in one year? There is no competition on this subject
- Professors: Brilliant, brilliant minds within their competences
- Education after graduation: Students have the chance to continue their education after graduation by taking electives at no charge. The best part? It is a lifelong perk!
- Innovation: Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of Hult's DNA, which is noticeable as soon as you step inside the school
- Hands-on: The most practical education you could ever imagine, which is indispensable to thrive in today's competitive business landscape

Areas in which Hult is greatly improving:

- Alumni network: Hult is aware of the importance of a strong alumni network and is actively working on it, having made significant developments this year. The clearest example is Hult Connect, an outstanding platform intended to connect students with alumni. Important further improvements will be made in the upcoming months.
- Corporate relations: Hult is relatively new in SF and building strong corporate relationships with companies is a low and long-term process. However, Hult is doing extremely well and has hosted companies such as Google, PwC or Amazon on campus this year. I believe there is still a long way ahead to advance but Hult is working in the right direction!

Overall, Hult is a great place to further your education, especially if you are interested in developing a truly global career, like myself. The school teaches outside of the regular theories and all the learning is always updated and effectively upgraded based on today's business.

Rate: 4, 5 out of 5.

By: Lee Whittington | 4 / 5 | 7 months ago

Hult is a unique institution. The rotational aspect alone is a unique aspect that adds much value. Having the ability to have first hand experience in multiple markets is experience that many people in the work force cannot leverage. The academics are challenging and give you great insight into application in the real world. The immersion of students from all across the world is what really makes Hult surpass the rest. The network you are able to create and the knowledge you are able to exchanged is unmatched. Looking back, I wouldn't change this for the world.

By: Frøya Mathiesen Langeland | 5 / 5 | 6 months ago

My Hult Experience so far can be summarised in three highlights: diversity, challenges, and personal development.
First, with about 35 nationalities in my class alone, I have had the chance to get to know people from around the world both in a professional and a personal level This Global Empathy, as we beautifully call it, is a huge benefit for anyone aiming for an international career. Second, Hult forces you to challenge yourself through lots of team work, lots of assignments, and being presented to new concepts that makes you feel like a fish out of water. The third point, personal development, is interconnected with the other two points. By learning how other people think and see things, you start reflecting on things about yourself and the culture you’re born and raised int. During my masters program, I have experiences both successes and failures which has made me more aware of my personal strengths as well as limitations. All in all, I feel so much more prepared to starting my career than I did a year ago, and I am really grateful for my time at Hult.

By: Devin Moncur | 5 / 5 | 6 months ago

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