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2017 Africa Business Conference  October 7, 2022 – 10:50 am

On behalf of the Africa Business Club, a student club at Harvard Business School, we are honored to have you join us at the 19th Annual Africa Business Conference. We look forward to a weekend of sharing and gaining perspectives as we explore this year’s theme - “Partnering for Prosperity: Working Together for a Strong & Inclusive Africa.”

In planning this conference, our objective has been to embrace holistic viewpoints as we examine the relationships between the stakeholders that, together, will unlock the potential of African economies. Our theme will allow us to explore proven methods of collaboration amongst different actors, both public and private, and across industries, sectors and nations. We will hear from successful, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs on the continent, and will also acknowledge the state’s role in fostering an environment conducive to meeting economic and social development objectives.

Our intention is for these insights and best practices to be exchanged through a range of formats. By delivering inspiring keynote speakers, broad-ranging panel discussions and intimate networking sessions, we hope to provide a forum for candid discussions around the promising opportunities as well as the addressable challenges faced on the ground today.

We hope that this year’s conference will leave you with meaningful connections, actionable goals and a roadmap for cultivating productive partnerships on the continent that leverage individual strengths for a greater sum.

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