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Records Management University  December 30, 2019 – 07:14 pm
  • Instructor: Mitch Farbstein, Dean of RMU

What Is RMU?

Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, now in its fourth semester. Why should you register? Just ask any of over 5, 000 RM & IG professionals, just like you, who have already joined us!

Mitch_F_RMU_Library Let RMU Dean of Records Management, Mitch Farbstein, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management. This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Each of the 6 classes will focus on a different critical topic and last an hour.

Attention Records Managers: Each RMU session is pre-approved for 1 CRM Certification Maintenance Credit (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers up to 6 CRM credits (one for each class).

Spring 2017 Semester

The fifth semester of RMU will challenge conventional thinking about records management. Sure, we’ll continue to elaborate on RM technology and expand the RM Manifesto, but we will try to advance the notion of RM from a debatable and holistic perspective. The theme for the spring 2017 semester is built on “permanent” global historic doctrines as governing records of “reasonable” community behavior. This will be juxtaposed with the governing instruments of “reasonable, ” but debatable, records management practices. Don’t get the parallel? Don’t worry. Like all great doctrines throughout history their creation required a level of debate. Implementing and adhering to RM doctrines in organizations is always immersed in debate.

1. Let the Debate Begin: Appreciating the RM holes

The Code of Hammurabi class (Babylonia 1754 BC)
In this first class of the semester we will take a look at the foundation of all RM solutions–establishing and refining record categories and associated retention and disposition schedules. We will also discuss RM’s dependencies on other information management technologies (holes in the RM fabric). Our first debate will be category granularity. The Faustian debate.

2. Document Management

The Magna Carta Class (England 1215)
During this second class we will explore various RM cost justification approaches. We will explore the interrelationship between RM and Document Management. The Rabbi Nachmanides-Friar Paul debate: Can one really measure the return on investment for RM?

3. Knowledge Management

The United States Constitution Class (Philadelphia 1787)
During the third class we will review the methods for ingesting content and recordization. We will explore the synergy between RM and Knowledge Management. The US Federalist debate: Auto-categorization, is it a practical approach for categorizing records?

4. eDiscovery Management

The 1833 Slavery Abolition Act Class (1833 United Kingdom)
The fourth class will present the strategic role of workflow in RM success. We will explore the co-dependence between RM and eDiscovery. Moses-Pharaoh debate: “Don’t worry, let’s just keep everything.”

5. Task Management

The Communist Manifesto Class (London, England 1848)
In this class we will review the impact of RM in the cloud. We will explore the interrelationship of RM and Task Management. The Kennedy-Khrushchev debate: Social media and ephemeral messages as records.

6. Case Management

The United Nations Charter Class (San Francisco, US 1945)
In this class we will review various RM end-of-life record reconciliation methods. We will explore the connection between RM and Case Management. The Einstein-Bohr debate: RM as a reasonable and sustainable concept.

As in past semesters, educating, entertaining and stimulating your brain using abstract and concrete thinking will continue to be the focus of this unique and hallmark educational course. So, you don’t want to miss this semester with its continued building of the records management foundation and its quirky approach. Oh yeah, the nutty professor and his less than stable side-kick will be back. And, hopefully, a few more characters will be added to the stable of expert participants. Make sure you fasten your seatbelt when you arrive at class. It is sure to be an interesting ride.


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